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Fan Engagement During Covid-19 with the Australian Olympic Committee

Case Study: How the Australian Olympic Committee created meaningful connections and fan engagement at scale during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.



Industry: Sports

Customer: Australian Olympic Committee 

Solution: Digital Engagement Hub


Covid-19 presented challenges for building fan engagement during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.  Using Komo’s world-class platform, the Australian Olympic Committee created a digital engagement hub to engage and delight Australian fans worldwide, drive brand awareness for the AOC and their Sponsor family, and gather qualified first-party data and useful insights to inform future marketing strategies. 


About the Australian Olympic Committee

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) is a non-government, not-for-profit organisation, responsible for assembling and managing Olympic teams for the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.  The AOC provides Australian athletes with a platform to reach the world’s biggest stage and is committed to the development of youth and sport. 



The AOC was looking for new ways to engage Olympic fans around the world, capture relevant and useful first-party data and generate ROI for their Sponsor family.  Using Komo’s unique digital engagement system, the AOC created their own Engagement Hub, a digital destination for their community to engage with live and interactive content, enter competitions, and engage with the AOC. 

Coining the term TeamAUS Hub, the AOC's custom digital engagement hub supported the AOC’s mission of spreading Olympic spirit by bringing the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games live to the living rooms of Australian fans all over the world.


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The Challenge: Engaging Remote Fans and Fostering Connections in a Digital Environment 

During the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, fans couldn’t sit in the stands and cheer their fellow Aussies on as they charged towards the finish line; we had to do it from our living room. This created the challenge of how do you engage with fans and support athletes while 100% remote? 

The AOC faced further challenges in establishing a unique engagement tactic to support the existing promotion of the Australian Olympic Team, as well as offering a unique engagement tool that could capture data without compromising the fan experience.  Moreover, building a digital destination where fans can have fun via gamified competitions, challenges and content for their own exclusive Olympic experience would have taken a lot of resources to get off the ground internally. 

“We didn’t want to come across as hunting for our fans' data, it’s really important that we created a digital destination that was fun and engaging, but also captured first-party data and produced ROI for our Sponsor family.” 

- Will Jago, Digital & Marketing Manager, AOC 


Why the Australian Olympic Committee Chose Komo

Integrating a digital customer engagement platform that could support the AOC’s existing marketing campaign and was quick to market was crucial. The AOC passed the baton to Komo, a leader in gamified fan engagement, as the Official Digital Engagement Supplier for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

Implementing Komo’s Engagement Hubs, the AOC team created the TeamAUS Hub, a digital destination for Olympic-exclusive, large-scale competitions and games. In addition to serving as a destination to build brand-to-customer relationships between the Australian Olympic Team and fans, the hub was also a way to provide ROI and value to the AOC’s Sponsor family through in-hub advertising and sponsored competitions.

Komo’s platform not only facilitated first-party data collection but also streamlined the transfer of data into the AOC’s Salesforce platform through integrations with customer relationship management tools and allowing for the efficient use of customer insights. A notable appeal of Komo’s platform was the Live Leaderboard feature, where fans can see real-time results of top-scorers in the daily Live Trivia quiz competitions


“The dynamic and flexible nature of Komo’s platform and the user-friendly drag and drop interface enabled my team to easily and instantaneously create and revise content.” 

- Will Jago, Digital & Marketing Manager, AOC 


Most importantly, the AOC wanted a solution that was aligned with their fan-first mindset - prioritising an engagement solution that didn’t take value away from the digital Olympic experience. In evaluating alternatives, the AOC ultimately chose Komo because of the platform’s fan-centricity which allowed value to be created for Australian Olympic Team fans first, then the AOC and stakeholders. 

“Where Komo stood out is that the platform is fan-first. I’m a firm believer that if you can get it right for the fans, then the value will come for the AOC and stakeholders as well”. 

- Will Jago, Digital & Marketing Manager, AOC


HubSpot Video


Watch the webinar: How the Australian Olympic Committee created digital fan engagement at scale.

The Results 

Speed and agility were vital to the AOC, delivering a constant stream of fresh content and competitions via the TeamAUS Hub to maintain the engagement of fans over a 19-day period. 

  • Unique Fan Impressions: Over 42k

  • Conversion Rate: 59%

  • Average Engagement Time: 2m 17s

“Using Komo, my team was able to move quickly and get things done in minutes and hours as opposed to weeks”.

- Will Jago, Digital & Marketing Manager, AOC 


Captivating Olympics Fans

The TeamAUS Hub incorporated a variety of Komo’s proven competition templates and cards to encourage engagement from fans. During the 19 days of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, fans could participate in:

  • Daily Live Trivia 

  • Competitions and Giveaways from AOC Sponsors 

  • Gold Medal Predictor Games 

  • Polls; Vote for your favourite Olympic Moment 


Generating First-Party Data

Short forms were included in the numerous competitions held daily, allowing the AOC to generate qualified, valuable leads to build upon their existing customer database without disrupting users’ experience on the hub. 

The AOC was able to gain a better understanding of their audience on the basis of age, state, and other demographic information.  Through the use of polls, the AOC was also able to understand their audience’s favourite sport and Australian Olympian.  


Overall Results

The TeamAUS Hub was a wild success in instilling the Olympic spirit in audiences around the country through exceptional digital experiences. 

In addition to forging authentic fan connections, the TeamAUS Hub was also successful in driving brand awareness for the AOC, the Australian Olympic Team, and their Sponsor family. The heightened understanding of their target market and qualified leads of sports fans provides useful insights to inform future marketing strategies.  


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