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Finding the Biggest NRL Fan by Reaching Over 750,000 People

Sports News Australia and BWS teamed up to find the biggest NRL fan, reaching over 750,000 people. Find out how they used Komo's to achieve this!

Industry: Publisher and E-commerce

Client: Sporting News Australia and BWS

Solution: Live Trivia


Sporting News Australia wanted to engage NRL fans with engaging content while creating an innovative advertising opportunity for BWS, increasing brand awareness and their customer base.


Sporting News Australia and BWS used Komo’s Live Trivia feature to find Sporting News’ biggest NRL fan. The campaign ran for four weeks, allowing fans to compete in trivia games to test their knowledge on the NRL with the top 100 from each week standing a chance to win the grand prize in a final live quiz.



The campaign achieved monumental results reaching 750,000 people and generating 20,581 engagements, greatly increasing Sporting News Australia and BWS’s brand presence among their target audience. The number of registered players clocked in at 4,929 users, leaving Sporting News Australia and BWS with a considerable amount of leads. The campaign was well received by participants, as indicated by an average engagement time of 6 minutes and 54 seconds per user.


Sporting News Australia provides the latest news, videos, scores in the world of sports, covering leagues such as the NRL, AFL, and the NBA. 

BWS is an Australian retail chain of liquor stores selling a wide variety of beer, wine, and spirits. The company is the largest liquor retailer in the country, with 1355 stores nationally.

Discover how you can innovatively engage your audience with Komo’s Live Trivia.

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