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February Product Update

Find out what we've been up to in February 2021 in this product update.

Communication Templates 

Communication Templates - 10221

We've made setting up your Live Trivia games even easier with the introduction of email communication templates!

These templates are found in the email communication tab and give you several options to choose from, then simply make the relevant changes within the editing section, hit save, and your good to go!


Naming a Card!

Naming a Card 10221

A simple change that makes keep tracking off competition cards within your hub so much easier!

You can now rename cards within your hub. Go to any card, press the 'More' button, then hit rename.

This is particularly helpful when running or utilizing multiple similar cards/competitions, allowing you to easily keep track of these cards via the competitions tab and while editing cards.


Site Favicons

Adding Favicons 10221


You can now take your engagement hub branding to the next level with white labeling. In addition to being able to fully white-label your hub URL, you can now upload your own favicon to the hub.

To add your favicon, head to the publish tab, then scroll down to 'SEO metadata' and hit upload. Click off, and your new favicon will be attached to your hub.


Search Competition Entires 

Searching Competition Entries 10221

Trawling through hundreds or thousands of entries is not time well spent for anyone. We've added the ability to search through competition entries easily and quickly.


Coupon Analytics

Coupons Analytics 10221

Our Coupons continue to be overhauled with the introduction of Coupon analytics. Allowing you to track in real-time the number of coupons sent and their redemption rate.

Head to the Coupons product, click analytics, here; you can review all the current coupons and their redemption rates in real-time.

We are consistently working to improve our product and welcome any feedback or ideas! 

Have an idea you want to see? Shoot us an email: