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Building First-Party Data Assets And Finding The Rooster's Biggest Fan

Havas Sports & Entertainment used Komo's Live Trivia and Engagement Hub to engage fans of the Sydney Roosters and find the Rooster's biggest fan.

Industry: Car Rental, Sponsorship Enhancement

Budget Car Rental Australia, Havas Sports & Entertainment Australia 

In-stadium Live Trivia and Engagement Hub

Results from Sydney Roosters In-stadium Live Trivia


The Sydney Roosters' sponsor, Budget Car Rental, were looking for a way to leverage their sponsorship and engage fans of the Sydney Roosters at the Sydney Cricket Ground, build first-party data assets, and drive traffic to the company's booking page.


Working with Havas Sports & Entertainment, Budget used Komo's Live Trivia and Engagement Hub to create an in-stadium digital activation to engage the audience. The objective for the campaign, named 'Finding the Rooster's Biggest Fan' was to connect fans in the audience with what they're genuinely passionate about, and driving a deeper connection between fans and the Budget and Rooster brands.


The company was able to engage with over 9% of the audience in the stadium, building their first-party database with high-quality leads. Each user engaged with the digital activations for over 3 minutes, building Budget Car Rental and the Sydney Roosters' top-of-mind brand awareness amongst the audience. The digital activations also resulted in a 98% response rate for market research questions. 

Havas - Roosters Case Study


"In partnership with Komo Digital, we have been able to engage, reward and better understand the passionate fans of the Sydney Roosters.

By utilising Komo's Engagement Hub and Live Trivia, we have been able to drive traffic to the Budget booking page, gathering qualified first-party data and drive a deeper connection between the Budget brand and the Roosters fans, by connecting with them about something they are genuinely passionate about: "Finding the Roosters Biggest Fan."

Komo's self-service platform has made it extremely easy to create an immersive in-stadium activation at the SCG. The activation allowed us to engage and collect first-party data from over 9% of fans in the stadium, with each fan engaging digitally with the Budget brand for over 3 minutes each. We are excited about the versatility of the Komo platform, which will allow us to continue to engage and add value to the Budget sponsorship partnership like the Roosters."

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      Patrick Millington Buck

        Senior Account Director of Havas Sports & Entertainment



Budget Car Rental Australia is a leading vehicle rental company offering rentals for cars and trucks to cost and value-conscious travelers. 

Havas Sports & Entertainment Australia are specialists in sponsorship and partnership management, connecting sports brands and fans nationwide.  

Discover how you can innovatively engage your audience with Komo’s Engagement Hub and Live Trivia.

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