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Build a memorable experience for your brand with gamification

Read our blog on how you can create memorable brand experiences with gamification to cognitively and emotionally engage your customers.

Marketers have long relied on avenues such as SEO, paid channels, and content marketing to boost brand awareness and recall. While these traditional tactics rely on promotional means to reach customers, gamification relies on experiential tactics to nurture active participation from customers.

Gamification allows you to bypass the mental barriers that come with customers actively avoiding and overlooking marketing messages - creating a moment in time where your customer is cognitively and emotionally engaged with your brand. Engaging customers cognitively and emotionally provides your brand an opportune moment to create memorable brand experiences and leave lasting impressions on your customers; improving brand awareness and recall.

What is Brand Awareness and Recall?

To set the stage for how gamification can improve brand awareness and recall, we have to define these two well-known but often little-understood concepts. Building brand awareness forms the building blocks for increasing brand recognition: the degree to which customers are able to distinguish your brand from a competitor’s.

Brand Awareness is a measure of how memorable your brand is - how familiar your target audience is with your brand, its products, and services.

Brand Recall is the likelihood of your brand spontaneously being recalled when presented with a prompt relating to products, services, or concepts relating to your brand. 

Benefits of Building Brand Awareness and Recall Through Gamification

1. Generating Engagement

An edge that gamified content has over traditional marketing methods is that audiences are engaged with in a more engaging way. Gamified experiences not only allows for two-way communication (a hallmark of effective marketing), but also two-way interaction. 

This paves the way for authentic customer engagement through capturing attention and generating active involvement, boosting interest in your brand and pointing customers towards the sales pipeline for your products and services. 

Put simply, gamification allows brands to interact with audiences in ways other than putting marketing messages and content in front of eyeballs - opening the floodgates for creativity and innovation to enhance the customer experience with a brand. Besides, gamified experiences are enjoyable and fun, which makes the branded experience all the more memorable.

2. Increase Receptiveness of Marketing Messages

As mentioned earlier, the average online user has learned to block out irrelevant and inauthentic marketing messages. Having flashy visuals and enticing copy aren’t enough to make an impact on customers if they’ve learned to shut their online eyes and ears. 

A fundamental truth about effective marketing is that attention precedes action. Capturing attention and generating active involvement through gamification provides marketers a window of opportunity to educate and inform your target audience about your brand, products, and services, and how it solves their customer needs. 

The next time your audience looks for a product to purchase from your brand category, the likelihood of your product coming to mind is higher - a prime example of harnessing the power of brand awareness and recall to drive desirable consumer behaviour.

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3. Provides an Additional Touchpoint for Customer Engagement

Gamified experiences provide brands an additional touchpoint and opportunity to engage and interact with their target audience. Although this may seem contradictory to what we’ve discussed about clutter in the offline and online space along the customer journey, this additional touchpoint allows for a brand to add value to the brand experience if executed effectively. 

An example of how an additional touchpoint is used to enhance the customer experience is when Budget Car Rental and Havas Sports & Entertainment Australia used Komo’s Live Trivia and Engagement Hub to drive engagement between the Sydney Roosters and audience members at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

How to Drive Brand Awareness Through Gamification

1. Select the Appropriate Mechanics and Channel 

Personalisation is all the rage in marketing - and reasonably so. Personalising game mechanics and the delivery channel to not only your customers but also your gamification goals greatly increases your brand’s ability to deliver gamified experiences relevant and specific to your customer; maximising brand recall and awareness, and influencing purchase behaviour. 

Digital technologies continue to push the boundaries of the types of interactive content brands can add to their gamification toolbox; modern platforms allow you to add game mechanics of any kind to your brand’s website and apps.

Despite the tools at their disposal, marketers have to carefully select the appropriate delivery channels to ensure that the gamified experience is relevant; maximising brand awareness and recall.  

For example, Nike’s Run Club app features leaderboards, challenges, and guides to encourage users to maintain their fitness and incite healthy competition, whereas KFC’s Bucket Hunt challenge provides their target audience a fun experience of searching for virtual buckets in their environments which can be redeemed as coupons and prizes. 

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2. Design Shareability Into your Gamified Experience

Social media marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness. Most smartphone apps already have built in sharing functions to publish content to social media, and your gamified experiences can do the same. Seemingly trivial sharing options (e.g. ‘Share on Twitter’, ‘Tell a friend’) for things such as quiz results can have a profound effect on getting your brand publicised. 

Aside from built-in sharing functions, your gamified content can include shareability within the game mechanics itself. For example, most contests require participants to share branded content, the brand’s page, or tag a friend on social media 

Leveraging the networks (both online and offline) of your audience members is a good way to increase brand awareness on social media. Additionally our audience’s networks are likely to fall into your target audience, allowing for an added edge in reaching potential customers. 

3. Create Emotional Responses

Gabe Zichermann, the author of ‘Gamification by Design’, theorised that gamification is 75% psychology and 25% technology. Influencing a customer’s emotional response to and investment in a brand makes it more memorable to them. 

This can be achieved through various game mechanics and features used to leverage psychological principles as well as tap into external or internal motivators. Leaderboards displaying high-performing players incites competition and satisfies players’ need for achievement and recognition, while factors such as prizes and rewards are good motivators for consumers to take a desired action. 

Coming back to memorability, cementing your brand in the psyche of your customer through emotional responses deepens the subconscious brand-customer relationship, facilitating the development of brand loyalty provided that your brand experience goes above and beyond and satisfies their customer needs.  

Design Gamified Experiences to Increase Brand Awareness and Recall with Komo

The need for brands to distinguish themselves from competing marketing messages, build a loyal following of dedicated customers, and catch the attention of increasingly skeptical consumers to achieve business success has never been clearer. Komo arms brands with the tools necessary to build brand awareness and recall by creating meaningful brand-customer engagements which enhances the customer experience. Komo’s Engagement Hub boasts a wide assortment of engagement tools ranging from quizzes, competitions, and games fit for any engagement objectives and strategies. 

Learn more about how you can leverage the power of gamification using Komo’s Engagement Hub.

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